We encourage families to stay together for our main services. Separate classes and groups provide valuable opportunities at other times (e.g., Sunday School, Youth Group, Choir), but a “family pew” is still a good practice for corporate worship. For this reason, we encourage you to keep your little ones with you in the service.

If your child is not ready or is still learning to sit through the service, note the following options:

  • A staffed nursery is available as needed during the Sunday services. Ladies are on schedule to care for young children (ages 0-2) in the nursery room off the main foyer. The nursery room is also available for you to use during other services. The service can be heard through the sound system speakers in this room.
  • The Training Room is available to parents during all services. This room is located off the main auditorium, and allows you to see and hear the service while your little one learns to be in church.