Music Ministries

Music is an important and vibrant part of corporate worship at Morrow Bible Church. In our music we seek to fulfill the two Biblical purposes for music–exalting God (Col. 1:18), and edifying believers (Col. 3:16). As we fulfill these purposes, we guard our music from the man-centered, entertainment focus so prevalent in churches today.

There are two main opportunities for music ministry.

Congregational Singing. All believers should sing praise to God “in the congregation” (Psalm 111:1; 149:1), and exhort one another in song (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16). Each service at Morrow Bible Church provides an opportunity for congregational singing.

Special Music. The presentation of specially prepared music is an important aspect of the church music ministry. This provides opportunity for choirs and individuals to minister the truths of God’s Word through message in song.