Missionary Policy

I. Prospective missionary candidates should be able to give full assent to the statement of faith contained in our church constitution.

II. Such candidates should hold sympathetically and without reserve, the position of their home church with respect to complete separation from apostasy and any entanglements therewith. Those who could go as easily and without compunctions of conscience under the old-line denominational mission boards, could hardly qualify as taking the position of Morrow Bible Church in matters of Biblical separation. The Official Board will take into consideration the work and testimony of the individual in the home field as an indication of his or her attitude toward Scriptural separation.

III. It shall be expected that our prospective missionary candidates, desiring the prayerful and financial support of their home church, shall seek to go to the fields of their call under such missionary boards and agencies free from all connections with the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Christian Churches, and the National Association of Evangelicals or such other organizations as may work in harmony therewith.