Spring Ohio Bible Fellowship Conference, April 8-9, 2016

We are looking forward to the OBF conference at Morrow Bible Church. There are some changes to report. Dr. Vaughn will not be able to speak for the conference as previously announced. His daughter Becky has developed a health issue that is requiring his care. He sends his regrets for not being able to attend. We are thankful for the others that will be speaking in his place! Note the revised schedule and speakers below.

GFA missionary deputees Jeremy and Caroline Dion had planned to attend the conference, and have agreed to speak. Pastor Dan Greenfield will give an entire session to his report on “Reclaiming ‘The Gospel Ministry’ from the ‘Gospel Centered’ Movement.” We look forward to preaching from Pastors Steve Spence and Charles Flesher.

Also, the church is planning a meal on Friday and child care as several are coming with children. It would be helpful to the church to let me know if you plan to attend for the Friday meal and if any other children are coming.

Plan to come for a good time of fellowship and encouragement from God’s Word!

Pastor Stephen Howard

Morrow Bible Church


Revised Schedule

FRIDAY, April 8, 2016

1:30-2:00          Scripture reading and prayer

2:00-3:00          Business meeting; Ladies meeting with Caroline Dion (GFA missionary to PNG)

3:00-3:30          Fellowship

3:30-4:30          Missionary Jeremy Dion (GFA missionary to PNG)

5:00-6:30          Dinner served at Peniel Bible Camp

7:00-8:30          Pastor Steve Spence (Grace Bible Church, Avella PA)


SATURDAY, April 9, 2016

8:30-9:00         Scripture reading and prayer

9:00-10:00       Pastor Dan Greenfield (Orwell Bible Church)

10:00-10:30     Fellowship

10:30-11:30     Business Meeting; Ladies’ activity with Jenny Howard

11:30-12:30     Pastor Charles Flesher (Greencastle Bible Church)


Friday Meal

Dinner will be served by the church at Peniel Bible Camp on Friday evening. Please let Pastor Stephen Howard  know if you plan to come on Friday so that the church can better prepare for the meal (740-501-3666).


Conference Accommodations