Facility Usage Policy

The facilities of Morrow Bible Church were provided through God’s grace and by the sacrificial generosity of God’s people. The church desires that its facilities be used for the exaltation of God, edification of God’s people, and evangelism of the lost.

In no event shall persons or groups who hold, advance, or advocate beliefs, or advance, advocate, or engage in practices that contradict the statement of faith use any church facility. Nor may church facilities be used in any way that contradicts the statement of faith. This policy applies to all church facilities, regardless of whether the facilities are connected to the church’s sanctuary, because the church sees all of its property as holy and set apart to worship God (Prov. 3:6; Col. 3:17; Rom. 14:6-8; 1 Cor. 10:31).

The board of Elders must approve all uses of church facilities. Generally, priority shall be given to church members, their immediate families, and organized groups that are part of the ministry or sponsored activities of the church.