In addition to our services, we provide other times of instruction, growth, and ministry.

Sunday School

The children’s classes and teen class are age-graded (ages 2-18, grades preschool-12) and feature an appropriate Bible lesson every week. The adult class studies a section of the Bible in a discussion-oriented format.

Frontline Clubs

Frontline Clubs is a  discipleship program designed to train children to love and live the Bible. The program teaches basic Biblical theology, starting with the attributes of God.

Time: Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m. in conjunction with the Wednesday night prayer service October-April

Ages: Children ages 2 to 6th grade

Leaders: Nathan & Nikki Fry, Samuel & Tabatha Finneran (1-6th grades) and Rhonda Lanham (ages 2-5)

Children are invited to join at any time!

Youth Group

The Morrow Bible Church youth group exists to encourage teens to grow in their service for the Lord (Mark 10:44-45). In addition to the Wednesday night meeting, other service projects and fellowships may be planned throughout the year.

Time: Wednesdays, 7-8 p.m. in conjunction with the Wednesday night prayer service October-April

Ages: Teens in grades 7-12

Leaders: Dan and Barb Kost

Teens are invited to join in at any time!


Music is an important part of corporate worship at Morrow Bible Church. We seek to keep our music worshipful (Col. 1:18) and edifying (Col. 3:16), and guard our music from the man-centered, entertainment focus so prevalent today. Congregational singing (Psalm 111:1; 149:1) and specially prepared music are the two main music ministries.

Men’s and Women’s Fellowships

The Women’s Ministry Fellowship (WMF) is an organized fellowship for the women to give to the women of Morrow Bible Church an opportunity to be of greater service to the Lord by uniting the efforts of all in various ministries of the church. The WMF also provides opportunity to be an encouragement to our missionaries, to have outreach to those outside the church, and to have special times of fellowship for the church women. Visitors are welcome at WMF meetings.

The men meet occasionally on Saturday mornings for breakfast, Bible study, and prayer. All men and boys are welcome at these  gatherings.


A staffed nursery is available as needed during the Sunday services. Ladies are on schedule to care for young children in the nursery room off the main foyer. The nursery room is also available for you to use during other services. The service can be heard through the sound system speakers in this room.

The Training Room is available to parents during all services. This room is located off the main auditorium, and allows you to see and hear the service while your little one learns to be in church.

Outreach Ministries

Morrow Bible Church outreach ministries are the expression of obedience to the Great Commission (Matt. 28;16-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:47; Acts 1:8). Some of our outreach ministries are the following:

  • Community Evangelism We are systematically, door-to-door reaching the 9 townships surrounding our church with the Gospel.
  • Missionary Support We support missionaries financially and with prayer. Special missionary services provide important updates from missionaries and help us to develop a greater vision for the spread of the Gospel around the world.
  • Rest Home Services Services are currently held at Morrow Manor in Chesterville and at Bennington Glen in Marengo.
  • Gospel Literature Various tracts and pamphlets are available in the church foyer for your personal witness.
  • My Story Project The My Story Project encourages the publication of Gospel tracts based on personal testimony for individual use.
  • Special Various other outreach events are planned through out the year (evangelistic meetings, Bible clubs, fair booths, parades).

Peniel Bible Camp

Christian Camping Program at Peniel Bible Camp

Owned by the Ohio Bible Mission, Peniel Bible Camp is a 360 acre campground right here in Morrow County (just south of Chesterville). The camp program exists primarily to serve the churches in the Ohio Bible Fellowship as well as other like-minded ministries, and offers four weeks of youth camps and a family camp during the summer as well as various retreats for all ages throughout the camping season.

The Camp Peniel program provides both opportunities for campers to hear from God’s Word and for others to serve God on staff.